Begin Again: A Half-Day Mindfulness and Writing Retreat

Taught by Kelly McGonigal and Ammi Keller

Writing, paired with mindfulness practice, can bring us back to ourselves and connect us to others, even during the most challenging of times. By dropping into guided meditations, responding to creative and reflective writing prompts, sharing the words that result, and listening and reading mindfully as a celebration of our common humanity, we will build community while learning tools that expand our capacity to be with present moment experience.

This half-day online retreat will include guided contemplative practice, freewriting, sharing with others, and optional mindful movement. We will use seated meditation and accessible mindful movement to inspire both reflective and creative writing, allowing participants to try memoir, poetry, and fiction..

For those new to these practices, the online retreat will serve as an introduction to mindfulness and to writing as a personal practice. Aspiring or experienced writers will learn how better to connect to their authentic and embodied voices. Those with mindfulness or meditation experience will tap into the energy and aliveness available during supported creative exploration. Each participant will leave with one or more fresh pieces of writing, at least one meditation technique they can continue to practice, a stronger connection to their own inventiveness, and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

This workshop will follow the format of Kelly’s and Ammi’s previous mindfulness and writing retreats, but will include new practices and writing prompts. Past attendees looking to deepen their experience are encouraged to attend.

July 17th, 2021
10 am – 1:30 pm Pacific Time
Register at Stanford Continuing Studies after May 17th.

More about co-instructor Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal’s research focuses on the benefits of mindfulness and compassion. In collaboration with Stanford CCARE, she co-authored the Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training course. She has led meditation and movement workshops and retreats around the world, and is the author of numerous works, including The Joy of Movement, The Science of Compassion, The Upside of Stress, The Neuroscience of Change, and The Willpower Instinct. McGonigal received a PhD in psychology from Stanford and the Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching at Stanford.