Book Coaching

Book coaching is for writers starting or continuing a new project or a revision. I provide you with developmental editorial feedback, emotional support for your creative process and perhaps most importantly, deadlines! If you’re at the point where it would be helpful, I can also offer prose editing skill building, project management, and/or advice on publishing options. For book coaching, you choose a package of deadlines, with options below.
We then meet via Zoom or phone 72 hours after you send me writing to discuss:

  • Character, story, structure and whatever other craft elements might support your writing going forward.
  • I’ll answer any questions that are coming up for you.
  • If it feels supportive, I’ll bring your attention to craft issues I think might benefit from attention so they don’t become a problem later.
  • I’ll make suggestions for freewriting, outlining, reading of published writing and/or craft essays if I think this might support insights into your project for you.
  • We’ll choose a goal and the date of your next deadline if it isn't set already.

Choose your speed:

6-Deadline Packages:
For up to 5000 words per deadline with up to 30 min conferences = $1325
For 6500 words per deadline with 45 min conferences = $1575
For 9000 words per deadline with 1 hour conferences = $2025
(6-Deadline packages must be used within 1 year).

12- Deadline Packages:
5000 words/ 30 min conferences: $2525
6500 words/45 min conferences: $2995
9000 words/ 1 hour conferences: $3850
(12- deadline packages must be used within 14 months).

Developmental Editing

I have extensive experience helping writers who have completed a draft of a memoir or a novel (or developed it as far as they can on their own) take their books to the next stage or to the finish line.

The basics: you send me your novel or memoir and I respond with developmental edits (i.e. suggestions around structure, character, point of view, etc., as needed) plus advice for growing your prose-editing skills. This means that rather than line-editing the entire manuscript, I’ll edit sections at different points in order to teach the writer how to self-edit. Some examples of topics I tend to focus on: how to figure out when you have too much or too little description, how to make the narrator’s thoughts read as natural, how to make scenes more vivid, and how to catch non-standard grammar than can distract a reader. We’ll then have a 1-hour conference via Zoom or phone in order to get you set up with a clear plan for revision, with an optional “bonus conference” within 1-3 weeks included in the package to answer any questions that come up when you begin revision work.

Developmental editing is 4 cents per word.

After the completion of your editing package, I am available to offer feedback on revised pages or new writing to support your development as a writer and your book as it moves toward completion. These subsequent sessions can be set up as a Book Coaching package or booked as needed as Single Sessions whenever they would be beneficial.

Single Sessions

Need a writing boost? Here are some ways you might benefit from a single session with me:

  • You want to know if a story or chapter (of fiction or memoir) is working (and how it's working, and how it might work better).
  • You're at the start of a new project and it would be helpful to sketch out the structure/plot with someone keen on helping you use your strengths and avoid pitfalls.
  • You’ve taken my classes or written with me in the past and want motivating feedback on new or revised writing from someone who knows your book and/or values your growth as a writer over time.
  • You finished a novel draft and would like edits on a draft query letter and your first 2500 words, plus advice on how to research agents.
  • How it works: you email me to let me know what you’re looking for and to schedule a session. You'll then send me up to 6500 words* (of writing, of outlines or whatever you’d like to discuss) at least 72 hours in advance of our appointment. I read your work and make in-line comments and notes to support our conversation. We’ll then meet for 1 hour via Zoom or phone, address what’s been coming up for you, go through tools you can use and send you back to your project with a plan and inspiration!

    Single sessions are $300.

    * For query letter plus first novel pages consultations please limit the novel writing to the first 2500 words, plus however many drafts of the query letter you have. Feel free in this case to send me a list of agents you’re considering querying and questions about agents and publishing options.

    A Five Things Fast Read

    With thanks to June G. for inventing it, a Five Things Fast Read is a targeted reading of your manuscript to evaluate one aspect of it, or answer one or a few questions. I read your novel and suggest up to five things you can do to improve it, or places to go in and make changes to the plot or another aspect of the book. It's a finite, fast read without in-line comments (except to illustrate the five things). Questions that can be answered include: should I send my manuscript to agents now or do another revision? How can I improve my mystery or romance subplot? Should I start at the beginning with another point of view or with another structure? Does my ending work?
    A novel or memoir read is $1350 for up to 75,000 words (with $200 for each additional 7500 words) and includes a 1-2 page response memo and a 1-hour conference via phone or Zoom.

    If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your project and to talk on the phone or via email about how I might support you.

    Also please note: I have limited sliding-scale slots available for trans and gender nonconforming people, Black and Indigenous and other people of color, disabled and low-income writers. If you’re interested in working with me but cost is an issue, please reach out.