“The independent study I took with Ammi Keller was really foundational. I was working on what would become The Mothers years later, and she was someone who really mentored me and also helped me realize the psychological aspects of being a writer.”
—Brit Bennett, author #1 New York Times bestseller The Vanishing Half and “5 Under 35” award winning author of The Mothers

“Whenever writers ask me to recommend classes or teachers to them, my first response is always Ammi Keller. Ammi has a brilliant understanding of craft—everything from large narrative structure down to the smallest lines of dialogue—and she conveys her knowledge in such an insightful yet understandable way. She puts her heart and soul into her teaching and into her relationships with students. Her specific feedback on projects, large and small, is also amazing; her insights immeasurably helped my novel.”
—Stacey Swann, author of Olympus, TX (forthcoming 2021)

“Ammi Keller is one of the wisest, most loving, and most beloved teachers of writing I have ever known. Her students and clients count themselves incredibly lucky to have the good fortune to work with her and to experience her great generosity and deep knowledge of writing and life.”
—Sarah Stone, author of Hungry Ghost Theater and co-author of Deepening Fiction: A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers

“I’ve taken two classes with Ammi and her guidance was so valuable in improving my novel. She offered thoughtful feedback and practical exercises for developing my story and characters!”
—Tracey Lange, author of We Are The Brennans, sold at auction and forthcoming in 2022

“I had no idea how technical fiction writing is until I enrolled in the first of many classes with Ammi Keller. She’s taught me so much about raising the stakes for my characters, writing believable and gripping dialogue, and how to get the creative juices flowing again when I’m feeling stuck. Her upbeat teaching style will keep you moving forward precisely when you need a few—or many—words of encouragement!”
—Kimberly Young, Stanford Novel Program graduate


“Working with Ammi Keller has been transformative, personally and professionally. Her intimate knowledge of my process and work, coupled with her intrinsic, almost visceral creativity, has honed my skills and molded my first novel into the book it was meant to be. She is an inspiration, a guiding light, and a blessing writers in any stage of their careers would be privileged to work with.”
—C.J. Miller, novelist in progress

“Ammi is a diligent coach and mentor for anyone who wants to both learn the craft of writing a novel and reach the goal of completing one. She has helped me at every step through constructive feedback and encouraging nudges to keep writing. She provided me with fresh perspectives thus helping the story move forward in unpredictable ways. She pushed my characters to find their voices. She helped me in plugging the loopholes to tighten the writing and the story development. I can’t thank her enough.”
—Deepshikha Mehta

"Ammi has a great sense of how to tackle a revision. She's especially helpful in prioritizing tasks so that you're able to form an effective plan that doesn't feel overwhelming. It really feels like she's in the trenches with you, rather than watching from some far-off place."
—Jacquie Walters, writer and producer for TV and Stanford Novel Program graduate

“I got to know Ammi during my first quarter in the Stanford OWC Novel Writing program. As a first generation brown immigrant I had heard enough about MFA and writing programs in general that are not as understanding of points of view different than the mainstream, so was going to assess the program after my first quarter. I decided to stay in that program in large part because of my experience with Ammi. While an excellent teacher, Ammi’s uniqueness lies in her empathy and in her desire to understand and engage with worlds that are different. There is a certain understanding of humanity that she brings that has made me trust her completely with my first novel project. I am really glad to have continued to work with her past the program - she enriches my writing and I think my novel is better thanks to her keen eye and complete engagement with my story and the characters.”
—HM, Stanford Novel Program graduate

Retreat Leadership:

“Ammi Keller's ability as a workshop instructor to gently lead, is what made our retreat a formative experience for me. Under Ammi's guidance, I was able to tap into resources for writing that I didn't know were there. Her patience, kindness and ability to see beyond the written word, to who the writer is, and what more they can say, made this experience exceptional on all levels.”
—Donna Slade

“This retreat meant so much to me, and Ammi Keller was the main reason for that. She led us where we needed to go, gave us the most inventive prompts I’ve ever had, asked such perceptive questions of our work; we all benefited so clearly, I think, from this workshop that she crafted for us. I left the weekend feeling exhilarated about writing, especially about completing my book. I haven’t experienced such momentum in a long time."
—Ann S.

“It was wonderful to return home after such a fulfilling experience together. The energy, professionalism and kindness that you contributed to our work is deeply appreciated.”
—Craig McNamara


"Thank you, Ammi, for your astute understanding of what I was trying to do and for your top-notch suggestions leading to a better experience for my readers."
—June Gillam, author of the Hillary Broome mother-daughter suspense series.

“Through you, I'm beginning to understand my book a little better...Thank you for championing me when I couldn’t see my way forward."
—Angela Woodward, author of Natural Wonders